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The Calabrò Cattaneo & Quadranti law firm was founded by the merger between the Calabrò and Associates and the Cattaneo & Quadranti law firms, establishing itself as a firm capable of assisting clients in all their needs.
The professionals of the law firm provide services for companies and private individuals through a boutique "organisation", maintaining an organisational structure that is always able to offer a highly personalised service.


Entrepreneurs, constantly under pressure from multiple fronts (legal, tax, etc.), can find, in the law firm based in Como, the perfect interlocutor for the creation of a long-term relationship, where costs are closely linked to the actual creation of customer value.
In the belief that the most effective assistance that a lawyer can provide is in the preliminary phases, the law firm provides an "overall view"of each issue, to then focus on individual solutions.
Studio Legale Calabrò Cattaneo & Quadranti


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